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Valve Seat Insert


Individually cast - maximum strength, minimum distortion

High quality tungsten alloy - exceptional performance at high 


Secure fit - precise sizing, similar expansion rate to cast iron, will not come loose. 

Works with all fuels - unleaded & anti-pollution gasoline, alcohol, diesel, L.P. & natural gas. 

Work hardens during run-in - hardens up to 50 Rockwell "C" tougher than the competition 

Most applications in stock -Auto, light & heavy industrial, marine & stationary applications. 

Over sizes available - .005 to .030 and larger Special orders welcome

Tungsten, alloyed with Chrome, Molybdenum and Vanadium in a tool steel base, creates an extremely strong alloy. This gives our valve seats a greater wear resistance and better ability to withstand higher heat than competitor's seats. Our seats can safely operate in excess of 1400° F temperatures. The Competition typically loses its hot hardness at or about 1100° F.

Each seat is individually cast using a process that, together with the special alloy, gives greater resistance to oxidation from fuel contaminates, such as sulphur. Unlike other seats, our tungsten seats will not cause valve and valve seat "pocketing" and recession. We pay meticulous attention to minutest details to maintain the hardness of these valve seat inserts according to OEM standards.

The Our seat has an initial hardness of Rockwell "C" 42 that rises to 50 R/c during the first few hours of running time. The material hardens during this period through the work of heat and valve impact against the seat. This increased hardness greatly reduces seat distortion and extends the life of both the valve and the valve seat.

The special alloy has a similar expansion rate of cast iron (.0000078" / degree F at 1000° F). Heat transfer is also superior because the alloy is fully compatible with cast iron and does not form a heat barrier. Heat is conducted quickly away from the seat to the head, to the water jacket.

Our seats cut cleanly and easily with existing tooling and will not clog the cutter or stones. These seats can be fitted using the same methods you are familiar with, yet offer a far superior performance. Tucker seats give your customers the best in quality and reliability. And provide increased profits!

The Valve Seat standard material is a superior alloy, highly recommended for all critical applications such as L.P. Gas, Diesel, Natural Gas, Unleaded fuels, in both turbo and supercharged engines.

All valve seats are available in oversizes and our Company will custom make valve seats to your size specifications if possible. When ordering special valve seat inserts, please state the following dimensions:

Inside Diameter + Outside Diameter + Depth + Seat Angle

Also, if needed, state a description of relief angle and/or puller groove.

Material : C.I G-15, GGZ D4, H24(V411) , PB1F, ,SUH - 5, VALMET , WELLTITE, PL33 MV, PL - 6N/7N, HITACHI CRQ, PLEUCO - 12M - V, PEARLITE CAST IR , PL12MV 425, PL 69 , GZGGV 300. GGZ-D4, HAYNES 589, CAST XB, SAE J610B, BRICO 52, STELLITE , SUH - 4 425 and many others.

Our Product Range :


For further detail, & Requirements feel free to Inquire us.