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Engine Piston



Al-Fin : Top ring carrier with Austenitic special Iron casted rings [Non-magnetic] popularly known as Al-Fin type , to provide high wear resistance for longer life than normal pistons. This ring groove means higher degree of wear resistant. These pistons are recommended for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines with turbo charge.
Al-Fin Piston with Cooling Channels : Pistons have cooling channel and are used where high operating temperatures occur. With free flow of oil through this channel keeps the Piston Crown and Ring Belt cool.

Steel Strut Design : Pistons casted with Steel Struts for smooth running with long life. This piston has cast in Steel Strut between the skirt of pin-hole. Such pistons are  for high Operating durability  & are specially used in passenger Cars.
Steel Belt Piston :  This  Piston is  also casted in Steel Belt with their high Strength. These pistons are suitable for high speed Diesel Engines.

Mono Metal Pistons (Quadra Piston) : These pistons are casted  all round Steel jacket, casted  in the piston  which is  used in high speed Diesel Engines. 


Sp. Steel Strut Design : Pistons casted with special shaped Steel Belts / Struts to achieve nearly uniform thermal expansion and to reduce fitting clearance.


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