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Casting, Forging & Turned Parts


Virtually any metal that can be melted can and is being cast in foundries today. The most common alloys used in metal casting are 
shown below. Metals are most commonly categorized as ferrous or non-ferrous.

Ferrous Metals : Cast Iron, Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Malleable Iron, Compacted Graphite Iron, Cast Steel, Carbon & Low Alloy, 
Corrosion Resistant, Heat Resistant, Manganese

Non-Ferrous Metals: Cast Aluminium & Its alloys, Cast Copper Alloy, 
Brass, Bronze, Zinc & Tin
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Forging is the term for shaping metal by using localized compressive forces. Cold forging is done at room temperature or near room 
temperature. Hot forging is done at a high temperature, which makes metal easier to shape and less likely to fracture. Warm forging is 
done at intermediate temperature between room temperature and hot forging temperatures. Forged parts can range in weight from 
less than a kilogram to 170 metric tons. Forged parts usually require further processing to achieve a finished part.
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Turned Components & Parts (CNC)

We provide a wide range of CNC components that are dimensionally accurate, durable and can easily fit in different assembling 
operations. Manufactured using the latest technology, the gamut of CNC components offered by us is at par with international 
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We offer CI Casting, SG iron casting, Sand casting, Centrifugal Casting, Aluminum pressure die casting, Aluminium Alloy Casting, 
Bronze, Brass & Gun Metal casting & Turning, Forging and CNC Machined Metal Parts

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