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We offers a wide range of Brass Screws Brass Nuts Brass turned parts Brass pressed components Brass neutral Links Brass earth bars Brass Anchors Brass inserts moldings nuts Anchor fasteners Brass hose barbs Brass pipe fittings hose couplings male female hose nipples Brass metric nuts DIn 934 nuts Brass fasteners from Jamnagar brass cable glands BW cable glands CW cable gland, marine cable glands Brass Washers Brass pressed parts Copper earthing clamps bronze casting Bronze grounding clamps ground rod clamps connectors Brass battery terminals etc We also offer brass cable glands as per customer's designs or specifications

Our products like Brass Nuts Brass Screws Brass Anchors fasteners earthing accessories Copper grounding rods earth rods Copper ground rod clamps pipe clamps Brass connectors electrical Brass connector blocks Brass pressed parts sheet metal parts sheet metal components Brass pressed components Brass Split Bolts Line Taps Brass split bolt connectors are well received in Export Market

Our electrical products Brass terminals electric terminals PCB terminal Brass terminal blocks Brass washers Copper washers Stainless Steel washers pressed washers Brass gas fittings pneumatic fittings Brass hydraulic fittings Brass manufacturers Jamnagar India suppliers foundry Indian Brass casting Copper casting Brass foundry Bronze Foundry Bronze casting Copper f alloy casting foundries are approved by leading international buyers in Europe and USA.

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